A study by nutrition researchers from the University of Helsinki confirms that you can enjoy a moderate amount of dark chocolate and feel good about it. The research involved switching the everyday snacks of 22 subjects with seven dark chocolate Fazer pralines during ten weeks.

A new study conducted by the University of Helsinki and commissioned by Fazer indicates that sweet-toothed dieters who are watching their weight do not have to give up their favourite treats altogether. According to the study, conducted by nutritional experts from the University of Helsinki’s Department of Food Sciences, consuming a moderate portion of dark chocolate on a daily basis does not lead to an increase in weight.

Subjects with mild hypertension were asked to reduce their regular daily snacks, equivalent to an energy intake of 250 kilocalories per day and, during one phase of the study, enjoy a corresponding amount of Fazer’s delicious dark chocolate instead. During another phase, the subjects only reduced their snacking. Fazer’s 70 per cent dark chocolate was used in the study. Over the ten-week phases, the participants kept a food diary documenting their daily intake. Blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and weight were measured with no significant or adverse changes reported. The results have been published in a scientific publication.

‘There is a growing amount of research that indicates the consumption of dark chocolate may even have additional health benefits, especially in blood circulation and blood pressure,’ says Professor for Public Health Nutrition Mikael Fogelholm from the University of Helsinki, who led the study.

Fazer is committed to supporting scientific research to find out more about the impacts of chocolate on the body and mind. Consumers are more aware of the contents of the food they eat and Fazer wants to offer them the necessary information. Fazer also wants to support scientific research about the health benefits of chocolate in order to develop products that increase well-being.

‘This is really good news for all chocolate lovers. Even if you eat dark chocolate daily there are no adverse health effects, just remember that chocolate has to replace something else’, says Senior Manager, Nutrition, Sanna-Maria Hongisto from Fazer.

This study conducted by Fazer and the University of Helsinki is the latest research exploring the health effects of dark chocolate. Studies worldwide suggest dark chocolate can help improve various other aspects of your well-being from cardiovascular health to memory.