Fazer offers a large variety of bakery, confectionery, biscuit and grain products as well as food and café services. Our versatile offering helps consumers to find a balanced diet as part of their healthy lifestyles.

What we eat every day directly influences our health and well-being. Overweight and obesity are health risks for both society and individuals. Therefore, Fazer takes the obesity challenge seriously. We at Fazer believe that choices based on knowledge and personal preferences bring balance and well-being. Our role is to provide information on our products and services and develop our offering, respecting individual choices. Enjoy Fazer your way.

Fazer’s 11 actions to support a balanced diet

  1. We offer a large variety of products and services for different occasions.
  2. We provide products in different portions and package sizes.
  3. We provide information.
  4. We will bring information on energy content/portion and the number of portions on packages.
  5. We follow nutrition recommendations.
  6. We encourage increased consumption of vegetables.
  7. Our research and product development teams work towards introducing healthier options.
  8. We select healthier ingredients and up-grade our products, e.g. by replacing hard fats or reducing salt in our products.
  9. Our marketing practices are guided by our marketing policy and instructions.
  10. We continue research and stakeholder collaboration in the sphere of health and well-being.
  11. We encourage moderation, especially when enjoying products with high energy and sugar levels.