Fazer Group is committed to operating in a responsible manner. This “Approach to balanced diet” defines how the principles of a healthy diet and good nutrition are taken into account when making healthy choices easy for the consumers and customers.

Corporate Responsibility is an inseparable part of the Fazer brand. The “Managing health and well-being” area is part of the Corporate Responsibility programme at Fazer. Fazer is committed to continuously improve its operations. We carefully listen to consumers’ and customers’ needs and wishes and want to offer them products and services that enable a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Fazer actively follows science related to health and nutrition. Fazer has good networks to universities, research institutes and other professionals, and we are active in many scientific forums. Thus, we base our operations on science-based knowledge. We follow the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations and take them into account in our product development. We continuously improve our products, use high-quality ingredients and engage in an open dialogue on health and nutrition. We transparently provide information about our products and services.

We believe that choices based on knowledge and personal preference bring balance and well-being.

Our aim is that healthy choices are easy to make. 

We apply this “Approach to balanced diet” to all our actions and functions. These include, e.g. new product development, product renewals and updates, recipe development, raw material selection, communications and marketing. “The Approach to balanced diet” also directs Fazer’s strategy process and new business development.

We share the idea of “balanced diet” with the Nordic Nutrition Recommendations where it says: “A balanced diet is achieved by choosing foods from several different food groups and not overeating. Foods in the same food group have certain nutritional and other characteristics in common. From a nutritional point of view, this gives many options for choosing similar products within the same food group.”