Full xylitol products offer good health benefits when taking care of your mouth and teeth. Along with a healthy diet, taking care of the cleanliness of your mouth and eating regularly help keep your teeth in good shape.

Full xylitol chewing gum refers to gum which is sweetened only with xylitol. All Fazer Xylimax chewing gums and pastilles are made of full xylitol. They offer the best possible xylitol protection for your teeth.

Fazer chewing gums are manufactured at the Karkkila plant in Finland. The manufacture is based on the Finnish Dental Association's recommendation for the use of xylitol products.

By eating full xylitol products only, the amount of xylitol you get daily remains modrate The recommended daily amount of xylitol to be used is 5 grams a day. By using full xylitol products, this limit is easy to reach: it is the same as chewing 5 pieces of full xylitol gum after meals.

The best protection for teeth according to studies

Finland is a frontrunner in the use of xylitol and in studying its use. The impact of full xylitol gum on preventing and reducing cavities has been studied for several decades.

This is also proven by the EU-approved health claim, according to which chewing gum sweetened with 100% xylitol has been shown to reduce dental plaque. High content/level of dental plaque is a risk factor in the development of caries in children.

A healthy diet also helps you to maintain a healthy mouth

Having regular meals supports the health of the entire body and mouth. Food rich in fibre, such as wholegrain products and vegetables, need to be chewed thoroughly. This increases saliva production and improves the health of the mouth. The best thirst quencher is fresh water.

Brushing your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste twice a day and regular dental checks are part of mouth health basics. The use of full xylitol products should also be part of your daily dental care routine.

Read more about the benefits of xylitol and the Fazer Xylimax product range (In Finnish). It offers a tasty full xylitol product for every member of your family. 

ABC of dental care

A) Brush your teeth twice a day, in the morning and evening.
B) Use a fluoride toothpaste and change your brush often.
C) Use full xylitol products, either chewing gum or pastilles.
D) Follow a healthy and varied diet. Eat your meals regularly.
E) When you are thirsty, choose fresh water.
F) Have your teeth checked regularly.