An inspiring new cookbook created by Fazer chefs is the latest move to tempt guests to dish up more greens on their plates.

Since the launch of the Green Buffet project over a year ago, not only have we at Fazer been talking about green food, but we have launched initiatives in our restaurants all over the Nordic countries. On the heels of the UN Climate Convention in Paris this message is more topical than ever – to go green by eating green. 

Green eating is not only beneficial to your health; it also reduces the impact of climate change. 

Catering for demand

With growing numbers of consumers striving to eat healthier and minimize their carbon footprint in their daily choices, we have made it our task to offer more seasonal vegetarian options in our restaurants. 

“The green revolution is already here in Scandinavia,” says Marianne Nordblom, Director of Gastronomy & Food Development at Fazer Food Services Finland. “It is permanently changing the way we eat. Just look at all the trendy vegetables you find in shops these days, like kale, pumpkin, black salsify, and Jerusalem artichoke   ̶  just to name a few.

“Fazer wants to lead the change and support our guests in their efforts to increase vegetables and eat greener,” adds Nordblom.

Taking greener action

Among the many actions that we have taken to lead the green wave is the recent innovation work, with Fazer chefs from all Nordic markets pooling their talents to create tempting recipes for vegetable dishes served in Amica restaurants. 

Earlier this year, ‘nudging pilots’ were carried out in our canteens in Sweden and Finland to gently push guests to choose a greener direction. With the support of expert consultants, we tested how sequencing, labelling and serving dishes in new ways affected meat and vegetable consumption patterns.

Our chefs have also developed theme weeks and ‘meat-free Mondays’. An internal forum has been created where chefs can exchange ideas and recipes, with specialised Fazer chefs acting as ‘green ambassadors’, who then educate their colleagues.

“As part of our Green Buffet project, we have created lots of exciting new vegetable recipes and have significantly increased the amount of vegetable dishes served in our restaurants. We have also talked a lot about the benefits of vegetables, and we’re beginning to see a real shift in attitudes.”

Healthier home cooking

Among the positives to emerge from the green eating boom is the growing number of delicious recipes and cookbooks that are appearing on the market to inspire people. Seizing the forefront of this trend, a cross-Nordic team of our chefs have created two cookbooks as part of the Green Buffet project.

The first, launched earlier this year, is a collection of green recipes for our chefs in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The cookbook highlights how vegetable dishes can be healthy and ecological yet still offer an exciting dining experience.

The same chefs have now created a second mouth-watering selection of vegetarian dishes, which comes out in December 2015 – this time targeted at consumers. Featuring a fusion of ethnic and international recipes – from kale pasta and pumpkin lasagne to delicious hummus variations – Kasviskeittokirja (Vegetarian Cookbook) will be available for sale at Amica restaurants in Finland and Sweden.

“Our guests are realizing that favouring vegetables is a healthy, sustainable, seasonal way to eat. By highlighting the flavours, visual appeal, aromas and textures of vegetables, our new cookbook supports this wave,” concludes Nordblom.