Fazer’s new rye starter contains natural lactic acid bacteria that break down the FODMAPs in the starter.

Our unique rye starter is an innovation we are very proud of. This starter was the base for developing a new method for baking rye bread. Baking also requires flour that the FODMAPs cannot be removed from. To keep the FODMAP content of the finished bread low, we use as much starter in the baking as possible. This leaves the bread more sour than usual, so to even out the taste, we add calcium to the bread.

Low FODMAP bread

Low FODMAP rye bread is gentle to your stomach. Our unique, patent-pending starter allows us to more than halve the FODMAP content of rye bread. The FODMAP content of Fazer Vatsaystävällinen Ruis* bread is only approx. 0.5 g, when regular rye bread can have up to 1–2 g of FODMAPs per 100 g.

Our stomach-friendly rye bread has a 10% fibre content and no more than 0.7% salt. It also carries the Heart Symbol. The low FODMAP bread is baked in Finland from Finnish rye.

*Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.