Sugar is a topic of discussion and an important part of our products. We at Fazer want to help everyone find a balanced and varied diet. The balance of pleasures also includes delicious sweets, in moderation. Read more about what we at Fazer think about sugar and how we take daily sugar intake into consideration in our products.

Fazer's mission is to create taste sensations

The goal is to share the taste of the good life every day. A balanced diet and a healthy way of life are important aspects of a good life. Fazer offers a wide variety of products and services which include balanced lunches, healthy cereal products and ready-made solutions for delicious moments, every day or on special occasions. The balance of pleasures also includes delicious sweets, in moderation. We believe that choices based on knowledge and personal preferences bring balance and well-being.

Fazer has been providing taste sensations for over 120 years. Karl Fazer, the founder of our company, considered that good taste and high quality determine sales. Since sweet flavours are one of the main tastes that humans can sense, sugar plays an important role in bringing pleasure and enjoyment. Fazer uses sugar to enhance flavour, especially in sweet pastries and desserts. Sugar can also be used to improve the structure and preservation of products.
Many of our products have been a part of the everyday life and special occasions of consumers for decades. That is why we need to listen to our clients when we change the composition of our products or develop new products. By providing a large variety of products, we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy Fazer in their own way.

Enjoy delicious sweets - but consider also daily sugar intake

According to daily sugar intake recommendations published in 2015 by the World Health Organization (WHO), the intake of free sugar should be less than 10% of total energy intake. Free sugar does not include the sugars naturally present in berries and other fruit, vegetables and milk. The WHO recommendation is in line with the current national and Nordic recommendations. Fazer endorses restricting the intake of sugar to the recommended level of a maximum of 10%.

How Fazer enhances responsible taste sensations

Fazer endorses good health and well-being by providing a large variety of alternatives to consumers and restaurant customers. When developing new products, we at Fazer study trends and recommendations such as the daily sugar intake, we draw influences from abroad and, first and foremost, we listen to our customers.

Here are some examples of our work:

  • We provide nourishing and balanced lunches that follow dietary recommendations to a multitude of customers every day.
  • Our restaurants provide desserts that contain less sugar than before, according to the wishes of our customers.
  • Our bread selection contains many healthy whole-grain options rich in fibre, and many of our breads do not contain sugar at all. Many of Fazer's breads carry the Keyhole symbol or the Heart symbol demonstrating that they are better choices.
  • Alku Sadonkorjuu porridge was voted by the public as the Finnish Food Product of the Year in 2015; it also carries the Heart symbol, which shows that the product is a healthy choice and does not contain added sugar.
  • We enhance children's daily physical exercise. As an example, the Oululainen Reilu bread is an official partner of the Football Association of Finland in activities organised by football clubs with day care centres and schools.
  • Many of our sweet products are available in packages of different sizes to fit different purposes. Pastilles and bars make for small treats. Boxes of chocolates and large bags of candy can be shared together at special occasions.
  • We also encourage people to share sweets through the packaging, such as the “Share the Fun” text printed on large bags of candy.
  • Our research team is continually exploring new ways to reduce the amount of sugar and to create new, low-sugar alternatives in different product groups.
  • When marketing to children, we consider our actions carefully
  • We endorse dental health with our large variety of Xylimax products. The product family includes full xylitol chewing gums and pastilles designed for the daily dental care of children and adults as well.

We at Fazer discuss and consider at every turn different options for developing our products so that they will fit the needs of as many consumers as possible. A balanced life consists of different aspects of well-being. Our aim is that you can take care of yourself and enjoy delicious taste sensations every day.

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