New Nordic nutritional recommendations emphasise the significance of healthy food choices and the overall diet instead of individual food or nutritional substances.

Fazer offers tasty and versatile meals, from breakfasts to evening snacks. Our objective is to make healthy choices as delicious and easy as possible. 

It is easy to make healthy choices during lunch

Lunch enjoyed at the workplace or at school is an important part of the day, and has an impact on daily nutrition.

"Our lunches accompanied by lots of vegetables fulfil the new recommendations well. We have used vegetables in diverse ways, have an extensive salad bar, and also have nuts or seeds on offer," says Leila Fogelholm, a senior manager, nutrition from Fazer Food Services Finland.

There is a wide variety of meat and vegetarian meals available for lunch. Vegetable side dishes attract customers to try legumes, of which it is recommended to eat more.  "Meat and vegetables are located at the end of our self-service counter. How we have organised food helps in building a good plate in line with the nutritional recommendations," Leila says.

Nutritional recommendations can be seen in products

At Fazer, product development and ideas for new products are based on nutritional recommendations. The bread and grain product ranges contain a wide variety of wholegrain products. Our new breads containing fibre-rich rye, healthy oats and whole seeds and grains are popular and developed continuously to be even better.

"Making healthy food choices is an important, but not the only, part of wellbeing," says Sanna-Maria Hongisto, the Senior Manager, Nutrition  at Fazer Group. When a person’s everyday diet is healthy, there is also room for enjoyment. 

"Food is much more than nutrients: it is also eating and enjoying together, handing out gifts or making choices that support a responsible way of life."

Further information:

The Nordic nutritional recommendations were updated in autumn 2013, on the basis of which national recommendations will be prepared. 

Increase Exchange   Limit
Vegetables,pulses Refined cereals  -> Wholegrain cereals Processed meat,red meat
Fruit and berries Butter, butter based spreads -> Vegetable oils, vegetable oil based spreads
Beverages and foods with added sugar
Fish and seafood High fat dairy -> Low-fat dairy Salt
Nuts and seeds     Alcohol

According to the nutritional recommendations, the amount of vegetables, fruit, legumes, berries, fish, nuts and seeds should be increased in a healthy diet. Wholegrain products should be favoured and hard fats should be replaced by plant-based margarines and oils. The use of some foods, such as red meat, sugar, salt and alcohol, should be reduced.

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