Weight management is not only about losing weight, but also about making permanent choices to maintain a suitable weight. What is essential is to make a conscious decision to change your diet and lifestyle in ways that make you feel good and that you can maintain after your initial enthusiasm settles down.

A regular meal schedule gives you a boost and keeps your blood sugar balanced. Do not skip meals but make wise choices: avoid unnecessary fats and snacks between meals.

A balanced diet consists of varied meals and snacks. During the working week, have plenty of vegetables, berries and wholegrain products, and choose low-fat and low-salt foods and soft fats.

A diet rich in fibre has numerous health effects and helps in weight management.

Have wholegrain bread at breakfast and as a snack. It is an excellent source of fibre. Nutritional recommendations emphasise the importance of wholegrain products.

Carefully considered enjoyment

Healthy food also tastes good. In addition, dieters can also enjoy an occasional treat in the form of dark chocolate or berries. An over-strict diet is not usually a successful one.

Feel good through exercise

Long-term changes in the energy balance are the key to putting on or losing weight. Increasing exercise, while changing your diet, produces better results. Finding a balance is the key.