By far the most excellent source of dietary fibre is wholegrain bread. A few slices a day provides the digestive system with a sufficient volume of important fibre.

Fibre is the non-digestible part of food which contains only a little energy, or calories to speak of.

Grain products, vegetables, fruit and berries form the basis of a healthy, fibre-rich diet. All of these contain fibre. However,grain is the best source of fibre, in particular wholegrain bread which is made from wholegrain flour.

Wholegrain flours include rye, wheat, barley and oat flours ground from grains that include also the outer layers of grain which contains plenty of fibre. They contain not only fibre, but also vitamins, minerals and other healthy compounds. Wholegrain is recommended as part of a healthy diet.

Plenty of fibre from wholegrain bread

Finnish rye that is ground for bread is nearly always wholegrain. Different countries have different definitions for wholegrain products.
Wholegrain bread is an excellent source of fibre. Only 5–6 slices of wholegrain bread provide you with your daily fibre intake (25–35 g)