As a food company, ensuring the safety and quality of our products is at the core of Fazer’s business. From the sourcing of raw materials to production, processing, packaging, distribution and delivery, it is the food safety that governs all our operations.

For Fazer, food safety is built on closely regulated and monitored production, delivery processes, quality ingredients and thorough product information.

Our personnel is the key in how we manage food safety. We focus on long-term quality development and training, listening to our customers and consumers and learning from their experience, as well as on co-operation with our suppliers, which we believe are key elements in creating safe products and services.

Complying with safety guidelines and regulations

Food production is highly regulated, and we comply with all applicable regulations. We practice the HACCP approach, a method developed to prevent food safety hazards in production processes, among others.

We have also developed our own food safety standard model. The work began in 2012 in Fazer’s bakery and confectionery operations and has continued in 2013 with a food safety analysis conducted at each operating country. The purpose of the standard is to further improve the safety of Fazer’s products and enhance our personnel’s competence in food safety matters.

Main focus areas of Fazer food safety standard include:

  • allergen risk management
  • foreign body risk management
  • traceability and withdrawal process
  • controlling nonconforming products
  • ensuring the cold chain
  • design and maintenance of facilities and equipment.

With the help of Fazer food safety standard, it is also possible to create and certify an external food safety system at our production sites.

We also monitor and secure the quality, origin and responsibility throughout our entire supply chain. We apply a systematic information gathering process before selecting and approving our suppliers and raw materials. Our auditing process includes assessing the level of our suppliers’ performance regarding production, quality, food safety and environmental issues.

Comprehensive product information

Correct and up-to-date product information is an important part of food safety especially for people with special diets, including allergens. Thus, we have a special guided process in place for securing the validity of product information in new products and in those being developed, with special attention paid to allergens.

The most important product information is always printed on the product’s packaging. Information about our products is also available on Fazer’s website, and our customer service personnel are happy to give you information about our products and their usage. We ask you to familiarise yourself with the product information upon purchase and contact our customer service if you have any questions regarding the proper use and storage or suitability of the product.

Long term food safety work

We have many food safety and quality certifications in our production locations. For example, all Fazer bakeries in Sweden have been certified to BRC food safety system for several years. Fazer Biscuit factory has been certified to FSSC 22000 food safety system since 2010. We have for example developed many good practises for minimizing allergen and foreign material risks.

Fazer has a comprehensive plan to have all production sites certified to food safety, occupational safety and environmental management systems. A list of our current quality, food safety, occupational safety and environmental certifications is available here.