Fazer wants to ensure highest quality raw-materials and operation throughout the supply chain. We work with carefully selected suppliers and business partners. Supplier selection is based on suppliers' technical capabilities and compliance to Fazer Supplier Code of Conduct.

Our impacts on people, societies and livelihood are not only limited to our own actions but raw material production, logistics and sourcing are equally involved. Therefore, we must ensure sustainability throughout the value chain from farmer to consumer. This we can do with clear basic requirements for all suppliers and extra attention to selected value chains such as cocoa, palm oil, grain and soy.

Fazer has centralized Group team that  works in accordance with Fazer’s strategy, vision and mission as well as with Fazer's sustainability approach and our policies. Fazer Group Procurement has stated as its mission to create sustainable value and contribute to Fazer's success.

Fazer's procurement team is committed to Fazer's ethical principles and we expect the same from our suppliers. Social and environmental aspects, raw material safety and traceability, sustainable trading practices and partnerships are important part of procurement decision making.

Fazer Group Supplier Code of Conduct is based on international conventions and regulation, national laws and good industry practice. It sets the ethical, social and environmental requirements to suppliers and service providers. All suppliers that want to do business with Fazer need to show their commitment by signing the code.

At Fazer, we eant to monitor and secure the quality, origins and sustainable practices of our entire supply chain. We have a systematic information gathering procedure when selecting and approving our suppliers, service providers and contract manufacturers.

One of the cornerstones of our responsible sourcing is food safety. Our products need to be safe and the consumers need to be able to trust our products. Therefore we need to assure that the raw materials we purchase fulfil our quality and safety specifications.

In addition to ensuring food safety, our objective is to ensure sustainable practices at our business partners. Compliance to Supplier Code of Conduct is verified through Fazer Supplier audit program. We have risk-based approach in prioritizing suppliers into audit program. As a member of SEDEX Fazer acknowledges SMETA 4 pillar audits.

Our auditing process includes assessing the level of our suppliers’ performance regarding production, quality, ethical, social and environmental issues.

Collaborating for traceability and transparency

The traceability of raw materials and ingredients is of high priority for us, both from the perspective of food safety and that of our supply chain’s responsibility.

Our raw material sourcing is governed by food legislation. This means that we must be able to trace all the raw materials that we use one step forward and one step back in the value chain – back to the supplier and to where the products are sold. Collaboration with suppliers and other partners makes it possible to trace the origins even further.

Our process of accepting a new raw material is multi-phased. During the acceptance process of a new raw material or product we study both the properties of the product and the supplier’s operating model, such as their quality certificates and environmental programmes.