Early mornings can be challenging no matter where in the world you live. On busy days, anything can happen unexpectedly between waking up and getting to work and school. At Fazer, we believe a hearty breakfast is the perfect way to care for others and to lay the foundation for a productive day.

Mornings are often a hectic time for families, when parents and children dash from one room to the next. Between brushing teeth and finding a matching pair of socks, it is all too easy to overlook the most important meal of the day: breakfast. You might even find yourself in an early meeting on an empty stomach, which is hardly an ideal start on the easiest day.

With a shared meal, mornings can turn out to be the best of times.

Fazer wants to encourage people to take the time to stop for a moment, to sit down and enjoy an energising breakfast every morning with family or colleagues. With a shared meal, mornings can turn out to be the best of times.

Breakfast is universal. Every hour, a country gets ready for a new day. Breakfast takes many forms from croissants and café au lait to porridge and eggs or juice or smoothies, depending on the respective culture. So look no further than a nutritious breakfast for that positive buzz, which gives a spring to your step throughout the day. 

Not only does a balanced meal make you feel better each day, it will also enable you to share your good vibes with others and improve everyone’s well-being. Caring gestures range from hugs or a pat on the back to an especially prepared sandwich offered with a smile.

Eat together to stick together

It seems that with every passing year people get increasingly busy. If you are not bent over your desk trying to solve a work-related problem or doing homework, you are hurrying from football practice to the store for some much needed groceries. This means family members spend most of their time away from each other, which makes each shared meal increasingly precious to connect with others and keep up with how everyone is doing.

The modern, busy lifestyle so many families lead makes it all the more necessary to enjoy lazy weekend mornings, when everyone takes their time to saunter to the kitchen. What better time to spoil yourself and your loved ones by a lovely breakfast setting complete with colourful napkins and the best Fazer has to offer? A selection from smoothies and pastries to inviting breads guarantees something for everybody.

You can also change things up in the middle of the work week by inviting a colleague for a refreshing breakfast at your office’s Amica restaurant and get to know the person behind the professional.

Fazer wants you and those close to you to start out your day feeling happy and energetic. This way, no matter what surprise waits around the corner, you will feel prepared to tackle any challenge from a pile of paperwork to a cranky colleague.