When the temperature outside drops, so can our diets. Comfort foods are a quick fix to make us feel better when it’s cold and dark, but are not necessarily good for our wellbeing. Fazer has some smart ideas to help you wave goodbye to those winter blues and say hello to a whole new you. 

Food is a big part of the winter holidays and it’s hard not to resist all the tasty treats on offer. While testing out the delicious snacks, cakes and deserts is customary, consuming too many unhealthy options can affect your wellbeing as well as your waistline.

The key to a healthy winter is balance: “These dark winter months can have a big impact on our diet which result in us eating too much, but small changes in our lifestyle and diet can help us change this,” says Leila Fogelholm, a Nutritionist at Fazer.

“After a hard day at work it’s easier to go home and make something quick and easy. Preparing healthy meals may take a bit more time and effort, so a good option is to share mealtimes with friends and family and spread the workload between you.” Leila suggests.

A good idea is to eat out with friends to make sure you don’t fall into the comfort-eating trap. Eating lunch at your workplace restaurant or at an open Fazer or Amica restaurant gives you a healthy break during the day. At establishments like this it is simple to follow nutritional recommendations and you can get the right balance and avoid eating too much. “When you have lunch or dinner at a restaurant where the food follows the recommendations, nutrition will most likely be good. Looking carefully at the menu you can easily choose a well-balanced and delicious meal," says Leila.

One reason that healthy eating is such a challenge in the wintertime is the lack of sunlight. As it gets darker earlier and the sun becomes a stranger, our bodies see a drop in serotonin, the chemical responsible for maintaining mood balance. A great way to stay healthy during this time is to keep up your intake of natural foods and embrace winter fruits and vegetables.

Leila says, “If it´s cold outside, hot soups with spices will definitely warm you up. Soups are a quick and healthy meal choice and the great thing about them is if you make a big portion then you can store them in the fridge and have them when you’re feeling hungry rather than eating an unhealthy snack”.

What better way to enjoy a pot of hot soup than with a few pieces of your favourite Fazer bread. Bread is the perfect accompaniment for any meal and will keep hunger at bay till your next meal. Try putting a few pieces of Reissumies under the grill for a few minutes, slicing it up into small squares and sprinkling it over your homemade soups to give it an extra crunch.