The beginning of a brand new year, a new job or a fresh look can inspire people to make bigger lifestyle changes and commit to a carefully planned diet. Fazer wishes to remind people of the importance of balanced meals, topped off with a healthy dose of fibre.   

Trying something different is a fun way to shake things up. Many people decide to turn over a new leaf and start a new hobby, change their daily diet or lose weight. Lifestyle changes often bring several benefits, which enhance our well-being. Who would not want to learn a new skill, feel more rested or have a trimmer waistline? Fazer wishes to participate in helping people better their lives with healthy food – always reminding you to include fibre in your daily routine. A diet doesn’t mean having to go hungry!

Modern people are busy throughout the year, and winter in particular can be a trying time. Between work and school, household chores and grocery shopping, finding the time to invest in your own mental and physical health can seem nearly impossible. We at Fazer want to tackle the challenges our customers face every day and offer ideas for making delicious, healthy food. With full stomachs, you and your family will have energy for activities even after a long day.

For every fibre of your well-being

At Fazer, we take care to observe nutritional guidelines, and we feel that fibre is one of the key building blocks of well-being. Bread is among the most diverse foods Fazer offers and one of the healthiest choices to fulfil a sudden craving for a snack. Options, such as Fazer’s famous Puikula rye and oat breads, contain plenty of good carbs and fibre, which your body needs to feel strong and balanced.

A few hours at the gym will feel more rewarding, when you have energy to boost you through your workout routine. Carbs and fibre are true fuels for life, which help you manage cholesterol and improve digestion. Should you find yourself feeling a bit peckish after three warm meals, why not prepare a sandwich with an avocado spread instead of butter? Or how about switching salty crisps for self-made rye nachos?

Recently, a study by Harvard University showed that porridge may well hold the key to a long and healthy life. This comes as no surprise to Fazer. What could be more appealing than a steaming bowl of porridge rich with nutrients? No matter where and when you choose to sit down for a moment to enjoy a well-deserved break, fibre will provide you with the energy you need to get through your busy day and burn off any extra calories on an evening run. Fazer’s Alku porridges add an interesting twist to a traditional porridge meal by bringing a touch of berries, grain and fruit.

We want to make sure you live your life to the fullest. This includes enjoying healthy and delicious meals every day, whether you are on a diet or not.