Food plays a special part in local traditions and culture. During its long history, Fazer’s products and taste sensations have become part of different family traditions and celebrations. Maintaining these traditions is an important mission and a great source of pride for us. 

From that box of chocolates our favourite aunt sends us on each birthday to a particular bread we eat at Sunday brunch, every one of us has our own family traditions when it comes to get-togethers and celebrations. Often, these traditions are linked to food. Cherishing traditions strengthens our roots and creates a sense of togetherness – whether within a family, a community or a local culture.

Fazer values and celebrates its heritage as a Finnish family company. Knowing where we come from and creating a feeling of continuity is important for Fazer. Therefore, we want to take part in building and cherishing family customs, both new and old.

Food makes memories

At Fazer, we believe in well-being that comes from balance. In terms of traditions, this means combining customs with creativity and long-time heritage with some fresh ideas and new flavours. Our bakery, confectionery and biscuit products as well as restaurant and café services cater to different needs and tastes, from a healthy meal to a decadent dessert and from a traditional product to a modern brand.

The smell of freshly baked bread evokes happy memories for many of us. Fazer’s local bakery brands, such as Oululainen, Skogaholm, Hlebny Dom, Gardesis and Druva ensure that people can enjoy their freshly baked, local goods and seasonal delicacies and create new memories and tasty customs.

Our confectionery brands bring pleasure to people’s lives, thus enhancing their well-being. Some of our brands even have a heritage of their own. For example, Marianne mint chocolates have pampered Finnish people’s taste buds since 1949. Even Fazer’s traditional brands are modern and up-to-date, as we continuously develop new innovative products based on the beloved flavours.

Fazer Food Services is known for nutritious and balanced lunches in personnel restaurants as well as high-class, tailored catering services. Whether a work or school lunch or a special family or a company event, we at Fazer strive to create lasting taste sensations and memories for our customers.

Seasonal sensations

Long-awaited seasonal delicacies always have a special place in our product lines, as well as high quality sweets and cocoa for cooking traditional meals at home. We have explored the flavours and textures in our test kitchen so that you can trust in the taste sensations created by Fazer when preparing for the next family gathering.

Your traditions and customs are valuable to us at Fazer. We cherish them by picking the best ingredients, following sustainable practices and adding our own magic touch to make the best quality products for you and your family to enjoy.